A Sakti Sihite Claimed an "Apostle" on Facebook

Facebook is truly phenomenal, a lot of people curious to try it, and through social networking is a lot of sensation occurred on Facebook, is still fresh in the memory of "Evan Brimob" who reap many provocative criticism and previous anti-Megawati group with tremendous response and many other sensations the birth of a giant social networking site, now appears more of a Facebooker called Sakti A Sihite claimed to be apostles, he stated that he officially became an apostle lantik on 13 September 2007 when he saw the spirit of God in the form of green light.

 And it Sakti A Sihite than a Facebooker he was also a blogger by the name of Blog Sakti A. Sihite curious what your blog can go to blog Sakti A. Sihite. as in many media preach.

Sakti A Sihite admitted as an apostle but not a prophet. The man who converted to Islam had announced his ministry through the social networking site Facebook.

Cash action was to invite criticism from some circles, including Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). "It should be investigated, and can be brought to justice," said Chairman of the MUI, Ma'ruf Amin.

Although claiming not bring a new doctrine that distorted the teachings of the Qur'an, Sakti Sihite considered troubling. Because, Sakti said the mistakes in the public understanding of the Prophet Muhammad as a cover of prophecy. "The Apostle is a false prophet. Apostle was not necessarily a prophet," said the man was born in 1977.

Alumnus of the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia's claim to have 'revelations' apostolate in 2007. He claimed to have induction of energy delivered the message that he has been chosen by God to preach the true ketauhidan.

Above conditions, the MUI will throw a team to investigate the activity Sihite Sakti. "We will ask the authorities to stop their activities, if admitted apostles," he said.

source: vivanews.com

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  1. Every one just may be do confession. Truth of that confession is which require to be test / provved.

    Who will test and prove this confession. ??


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