Borobudur Temple - Candi Borobudur

Candi Borobudur - The legacy of the past history of Borobudur Temple is located in Magelang, Central Java, about 40 km from Yogyakarta. Borobudur Temple has 10 levels consisting of 6 levels of a square, circular level 3 circular and a main stupa as a peak. At every level there are several stupas. Altogether there are 72 domes in addition to the main stupa. In every stupa there is a statue of Buddha. Ten levels of Buddhist philosophy which describes the ten levels of Bodhisattva which must pass to reach the perfection of the Buddha in nirvana. This perfection symbolized by the main stupa at the top level. Borobudur structure when viewed from above form a mandala structure depicting Buddhist cosmology and the human thinking.

On the fourth side there is the temple gate and the stairs to the upper level like a pyramid. This illustrates the Buddhist philosophy that all life came from rocks. Stone later became sand, then into plants, then into the insect, then a wild animal and pets, and the last to be human. This process is known as reincarnation. The last process is the soul and finally went into nirvana. Each stage of enlightenment in this life process based on Buddhist philosophy is illustrated in reliefs and statues in the temple of Borobudur.

This huge building just a giant pile of stone blocks which have a total height of 42 meters. Each stone connected without using cement or adhesive. These stones are only connected by patterns and stacked. The base of Borobudur temple is about 118 m on each side. The stones used approximately 55,000 cubic meters. All the stones are taken from the river around the Borobudur Temple. These stones are cut and then transported and connected with a pattern like lego game. All without using glue or cement.

Meanwhile, relief began to be made after these rocks are stacked and connected end. Relief is on the temple walls. Borobudur has different relief 2670. Relief is read clockwise. This relief illustrates a story that I read it starts and ends at the gate to the east. This shows that the main gate of the Borobudur temple facing the east like most other Buddhist temples. Bagaimanaupun also we as a nation which has inherited from our ancestors must maintain and preserve this Borobudur Temple.

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