Vacation in Bandung Don't Forget To Cihampelas

Jalan Jalan Ke Bandung jangan Lupa Mampir ke Cihampelas - If you have a Malioboro Yogyakarta and Semarang Simpang commander, it can be said is typical Cihampelas city of Bandung. If people call this a looming is one area with all the attributes jeans and keramaiannya. Cihampelas himself seems to have established himself as one of the characteristics of the city of Bandung.

Cihampelas with jeansnya story, everyone has to know. But if then the question arises, what kind of tempo Cihampelas first, how and why the so-called pendduduknya Cihampelas, one other knowledge of course.

Know Cihampelas tempo early, especially before the formation of this region can not be separated from the travel history of the city of Bandung. In the reign of the Dutch East Indies, Cihampelas included in North Bandung area conditioned to European settlement. At that time the buildings Dutch Romanesque style of the region stand this much.

The naming of the area and the road with the name taken by name Cihampelas bathing pool in this area, namely Cihampelas bathing pool.
At the time of making the pond, around which there are many Hampelas trees (a kind of coarse-leafed trees and can be used as penggosokI. Sources of water used to fill pools from around the tree is hampelas.

The swimming pool is identical to the way this Cihampelas, is still used even though his form has changed over the progress of time. Around the year 1987 one after another residential area of these changes hands either buy or rent system. The move proved to hand marked the beginning of Cihampelas area as one place that characterizes the city of Bandung, in addition to the region Cibaduyut shoes.

Cihampelas life changed, the fact that tourism and tourism was not only able to deliver natural beauty or wealth of a region, but all are worth the potential sale.

Regions Jeans in Cihampelas own gebrakannya started in the same year with the establishment of a fruit shop. After the reaction felt good, then they invited colleagues from manufacturers and distributors to open a business in this place. The greater the entrepreneur who wants to have opened the store causing a lot of homes that dikomersilkan.

Cihampelas road was never quiet now. Entering this area is like entering a fairy tale filled area. How not, when every store that often uses the name reminds us of the heroic figures like Superman, Rambo, Ultraman or also Broom stick, Korek Api, Butterfly until the Empress. of course, all this aims to attract buyers.

And now if you were walking out of the store with their hands full of groceries, menghayallah slightly backwards. Where Dutch noni noni-ever made this place as a forum mingle, walk enjoying the sun, the flower gardens without the noise disturbed. Even Cihampelas region could be due once a pleasant place for lovers. Who knows? Is not Bandung was known as Paris Van Java!! ..

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