Movie Review : The Karate Kid

Wen Wen Han. Jackie Chan and Jade Smith are two characters who have a considerable portion in the movie Karate Kid Directed by Harald Zwart. Jackie Chan's role as Mr. Han, the plumber who turned out to have the skills to play Kung Fu. While Jaden Smith as Dre Parker, a child of the new boys 10-year-old who was forced to follow her mother lived in China, because the mother Taraji P. Henson (Dre's mother) who in describing this film as a single mother, on the move by perusahaanya to China.

Kung Fu Science which actually contains a lot of sense. At least that's what can be concluded after we saw the film The Kunfu Kid. There are many things I want to be submitted by the director in this film. One of them is that Kung Fu is not just marching thump movement that relies on the muscle, but the science is laden with meaning of everyday human life. It can be seen from the symbols that are taught Mr. Han while providing basic pelajaan Kung Fu on Dre. Discipline, the willingness of the high and always humble to everyone.

If viewed as a whole lot in making this film made in China, almost 90 percent of these players dominated China's players, but that does not mean the language used in this film uses the language of China. Precisely this is where the uniqueness and cuteness is created. As Dre had just set foot into China, Dre was forced by her mother's super fussy China to practice his language skills are minimal at someone, who suspected his mother of China when they were in a plane to china. Though the person was not the one China

Quite frankly hilarious scene as a refreshing prologue for spectators that the film not only served with the scene of scuffles, but his humor is still there. Could be because in this film involves the actor Jackie Chan who was known as the funny in almost any of his films.

Not only that, the director also deliberately showing this side of the exotic land of China. At least he took the location of the wall with China as one segment in this film, so impressed by China is a beautiful country and worth visiting.

With very nice packaging too, the director is also able to insert elements in the film is mellow. The scene where the audience was led into the mood of sadness that Dre is feeling very, very. When he had to deal with gangs "Cheng" is a group of gangs that exist in the school's all good members to play Kung Fu. Even Dre beaten several times by the gang, because he was friendly to May Ying one of the women in her school friend who advanced to play the violin. Meanwhile, Dre's mother was busy with his work. So is when describing the life of Mr. Han's grief. All packaged in a way that actually touch the taste.

But precisely from here that bring Dre Directed by Mr. Han, until the end he became a pupil of one of them Mr. Han. With perseverance and a high kemauanya to master the science of Kung Fu finally Drew who initially was not anyone who becomes a boy playing tough and skilled in Kung Fu.

Jaden's acting must be admitted, this time should be thumbs up. And the more fitting when he collaborated with Jackie Chan who was familiar as a leading star in China and Hollywood with some of his films including Rush Hor, Shanghai Noon, The Tuxedo, The Forbidden Kingdom and some other movies that are almost always included in the ranks Boxes office. While Jaden who is the daughter of actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has also starred in several films such as The Pursuit of Happyness, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Not only that, the theme song of this movie with the title Never Say Never in sing by Justine Bieber, Jaden also take part in video clips.

What is certain in this film risked Jaden expertise in acting for film is also second in the actor's parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to be the producer.

Film Title: The Karate Kid
Movie Type: Drama / Action
Cast: Jaden Smith (Dre Parker), Jackie Chan (Mr. Han), Taraji P. Henson (Dre's mother), Han Wen Wen (Meiying), Yu Rong-Guang (Master Li)
Director: Harald Zwart
Authors: Christopher Murphey
Producer: Jerry Weintraub, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Lassiter
Production: Columbia Pictures
LSF Rating: Teen (teenage)

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