A Muslim youth. A Catholic girl. Will they want live happily ever after? Rosid, an idealistic Muslim youth and became obsessed with great artists such as WS Rendra. Hair styles of artists Rosid with "kribonya "make Mansur, his father, furious because it is impossible for Rosid to wear a cap. Whereas cap for Mansur is a symbol of devotion and fidelity to religious tradition. For Rosid, not just kribonya which makes it impossible to wear a cap, but because Rosid not want "keberagamaannya" mix-ups by simply sacred ancestral traditions

Delia, a sweet-faced girl catholic, attracted to the figure Rosid. Of course these relationships are desperate. Rosid and Delia were two young people who rationally in addressing differences. But which ones are willing parents with their love story. So they find ways to separate Rosid and Delia. Kick-Frans and Martha, parents Delia, Delia is trying to send to the American school. Different again with Mansur. He tried to tame Rosid with advice Said, his cousin who turned out to bear to deceive

Muzna, the mother of a very respected Rosid, even intervene. With the help Rodiah Mother, brother of her husband, Rosid match with Nabila, beautiful girl who was idolized Rosid veiled, the poet. Indeed, love is so strong Rosid and Delia, but also the challenges that strong. In addition to religious differences there was a psychological burden that must be faced if they continued that relationship until the bond of marriage. Did they unite in matrimony? Indeed the fate of love no one knows. Synopsis 3 HATI 2 DUNIA 1 CINTA

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