Synopsis Film Selimut Berdarah

Synopsis Film Selimut Berdarah. Back cinema showing a film to be a season of new Indonesian movie is nothing but horror movies featuring some hot scenes. This time a film titled "Selimut Berdarah" will decorate your screen cinema in the city. As to whether the story of "Bloody Blanket Film" Here's a synopsis of "Selimut Berdarah Film" :

Ria (Enno Lerian), The girl who lived on the island, beautiful, simple and sexy. Her life changed since I first met with Dicky Dimaz Andrean, Through Pinkan (Pinkan Mambo), her sister Ria, Ria requested an opinion to move forward. Pinkan not agree, so even with the Rose (Korean artist) friend Ria.

Until one night Ria trapped in a mob of children under the age of the intestines will be sold by the syndicate Rehman (Ananda George). Ria managed to free them all! However, to prove that Rehman was the mastermind of all it is not easy.

Dicky finally syndrome suffer from short term memories, which he can only remember the time - / + 10 minutes with the sequence of events that. A medical doctor who was taking a neurological specialist who is very interested in the physical Dicky, Lena (Melina Zafar) 27 Years a beautiful woman, smart, brave and energetic. He's more interested when he learned from his adviser Professor (Roy Marten) that Dicky will also develop the disease analyzed as a case study materials thesis later. Lena did not own in the investigation, in aid of her best friend, Anga (Adhi Pawitra)

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