Prediction Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Prediction World Cup 2010 Brazil vs Ivory Coast. This is not just a game Brazil  vs Côte d'Ivoire, but the struggle between teachers and pupils. When still a player Fiorentina 1988/1989, Carlos Dunga is a 'student' Sven-Goran Eriksson - who was handling La Viola. They both respect each other. Eriksson brought Dunga, who was then aged 25 years, because of his leadership qualities. Dunga Eriksson due to give a lot of respect for this problem is training in every conversation.

"I know Dunga well. I who brought him to Fiorentina, even though he only played one year," recalled Eriksson. According to Eriksson, even when still a player, Dunga knows many things about football tactics. Swede said Dunga as a football player had ever known.

"She's incredible in defense, attack, and knew everything," said Eriksson. Dunga praises Eriksson responded by saying: "I'm not surprised the Ivory Coast is now a team with a defense strong enough. It must be very difficult to score against them."

This action will also be a meeting of two serious rivals; Didier Drogba and Lucio. Droba likely to be playing with a fractured elbow protectors. Both involved snapped each other when meeting in the Champions League, while Inter Milan or Chelsea kick. Drogba went ballistic after the referee's red card reward.

Lucio, who is not giving money to Drogba, Drogba accuses intimidate in the first game. When the two met in the second round, they engage each other snapped. Julio Cesar still have memories of that game. Drogba, he argues, can not do much because Lucio continue to guard it.

"In the second game, Drogba had only few chances to shoot on goal," said Cesar. "Drogba has always been able to shoot the ball well and gore. We have to guard it." Brazil, who had difficulty penetrating the defense of North Korea before winning 2-1, believes the Ivory Coast will play all out to achieve numbers. In the first match, Ivory Coast with Portugal playing without a goal. At that time the two teams play more openly.

Julio Baptista estimates will play Cote d'Ivoire still open. Otherwise, Brazil will have difficulty overcoming the ten players at the back. Brazil has six times the teams met in the African World Cup, winning five, and has not even conceded. Côte d'Ivoire potential to become the first African team to break into the Brazilian goal in the World Cup.

Kick Off June 21, 2010 01:30:00 CDT, Soccer City, Johannesburg

Prediction Brazil vs Ivory Coast

Brazil may have difficulty penetrating the defense of Côte d'Ivoire. On the other hand, the Brazilian back line will also be forced to work hard to overcome a physical fight one African representative. Castrol World Cup, Brazil won the match memperikirakan chance 66 percent.

Brazil 3 Ivory Coast 2

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