Ular Berkepala Manusia ( Headed Snake Man )

"Ular Berkepala Manusia" horrendous news that is not the first time, there had been news "ular naga kalimantan", well now in the district. There Blitar Ular Berkepala Manusia, where hundreds of people still crowded the house in the village Zamroji Sukosewu, District Gandusari, Blitar regency, East Java. They waited their turn in long queues to see the strange creatures such as human-headed snake in the house.

Residents flocked to the house Zamroji, when news of the strange creatures began to spread. "Similar jenglot," said Wahid, 25 years, District residents Garum, Blitar regency. He and some neighbors can witness these creatures after queuing for 30 minutes.

According to Wahid, these creatures are small, ie between 10-15 centimeters. The lower part of the body resembles a black snake coiled cobra, while the top resembles a human body from the hips. There are two hands crossed on his chest with her blond hair loose. The face looks horrible creature with a pair of fangs at the corner of his lips.

Wahid claims can not touch a creature that has been preserved because it was placed in a glass box like a tank, and placed in the living room Zamroji.

To visitors, Zamroji said he found the creature's Friday (11 / 6), in his own rice cultivation which is 500 meters from his house. The day before finding these creatures, claiming Zamroji dreamed of beautiful women believed to be the embodiment of the creature.

Zamroji install loudspeakers in front of his house to explain the circumstances these creatures to visitors who continue to wait in line. Zamroji even put up signs about the schedule of 'visit' for people who want to see these creatures, which began at 6:00 to 14:00 pm. He also put a charity box to accept donations of visitors. "Its value voluntarily," said Zamroji. Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Unit Blitar resort Edy Herwianto Adjunct Commissioner of Police has ordered its members confess to secure the home crowd Zamroji. Edy was also ordered to make observations on these creatures. "If found elements of fraud are processed legally,"

Source : http://www.tempointeraktif.com/hg/surabaya/2010/06/14/brk,20100614-254977,id.html

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