Apple Absent at CES 2011 Exhibition

Apple will not be there to enliven the event the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 in Las Vegas, United States. In fact, consumers have been awaiting the arrival of a new device from Apple, especially iPad 2, which is believed to be more compelling than the first version.

This is the usual run Apple's strategy and not surprising. Because, they will be holding its own stage and launching new products. This they did at the launch of the iPhone or iPad. The launch of Apple's products always create excitement and curiosity of consumers.

Although not present at the CES 2011, but the iPad and other Apple products to encourage manufacturers to tailgate success. Display Search analyst Richard Semenza predicted hundreds of models of the tablet while in being developed. But not necessarily successful in the market.

Last year, for example, Samsung with Samsung Galaxy Tab and Dell failed to compete with Apple's success with his iPad.

"This year or next I think many are wrong to take the first step, failed, then disaster," Semenza said in his blog.

Until last September, Apple had sold 7.4 million iPad. Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu also believes no less iPad 6.1 million were sold last holiday season. In fact, the stores that do not normally sell electronic goods also went along to sell the iPad.

Some competitors iPad will appear in the arena of CES, as MotoPad made by Motorola. In addition, there is also a tablet made by Dell, Acer, and Microsoft. In addition to war tablets, CES 2011 is also expected to be an excellent show of skill 3-dimensional television technology.

Despite somewhat sluggish sales last year, but the producers would not give up. They update the technology with new features.

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