Iphone 4 Case and Protective Shield

Today is era where people want to have a sophisticated mobile phone, or call it a smartphone, not only to support their work, but also support the association. Although some smatphone sold at high prices, but prospective buyers are still a lot. An example is iphone 4.

Iphone 4 also has several versions, the regular version and the version of CDMA. That said, according to the news that I read, iPhone 4 CDMA that was circulated in United States by Verizon service, troubled about the signal reception when held in certain parts, especially in low signal environments. Usually this problem can arise if the phone is held in a certain way and used without bumpers or case. But Verizon hastily declared that so far, no complaints from consumers about the problem of the antenna.

That is the importance of why we need iphone 4 case and protective shield. IPhone 4 regular versions that run on GSM networks, used to be quite shaken by antennagate problem that afflicts some consumers. As a solution, Apple provides special bumper to address the issues.

If you love your iphone 4 so much, my suggestion, there is no better choice than protect it with iphone 4 case and protective shield. Today many places that sell them. Some even provide iphone 4 case that can protect it from even the severest conditions, made with five layers of protection including a protective screen, and have passed various tests such as the damage from falling, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust.

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