Asus PadFone, a phone that becomes Tablet.

Asus PadFone, a phone that becomes Tablet. Asus just surprise the tech community with an amazing Smartphone. The name you used for this concept much says it all himself, as the Asus PadFone is the first hybrid-Mobile and Tablet.

Say that the idea or the main element is a mobile phone with Android, dual-core , which becomes part of the high end of the market. By itself it is a threat to terminals such as Optimus 2X LG or Samsung S Galaxy II , but if we also consider what it can to make this small, to connect it to the 10-inch display that accompanies it ...
Indeed, as we see in the pictures and photos, the Asus PadFone not a phone in itself but a kit that includes the Smartphone and Tablet brought to life by inserting in its case back to the first, being concealed by the cover and giving way to a fully functional tablet, which adapts its interface to the Honeycomb.

This friends, is perhaps the most interesting! We know that the next revision of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich , will offer a dual interface system that will both Tablet and Smartphone. This is where I think Asus will play their AS and surprised us with this version that will use the mobile interface when the Asus PadFone is in phone mode and the Honeycomb when the kit is a Tablet-phone alone.

With respect to the internal characteristics and the price of Asus PadFone there is little data yet, so we'll have to wait for new information from the manufacturer and we will disclose it to you.

What do you think the Asus PadFone?

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