Sony Ericsson Experia mini and Mini Pro

Sony Ericsson Experia mini and Mini Pro Specs Riview. Sony Ericsson has introduced two new additions to its range of smartphones Xperia. This is the new Xperia Xperia mini and mini pro. Created following the success that was the original mini series, these 'smartphones' incorporate more advanced features, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor ( ) at 1GHz and the latest version of the Android platform Google, Gingerbread 2.3.

From Sony Ericsson ( ) includes the design of new models and Xperia Xperia mini mini pro, ensuring that comprise "the best picture and display technology Sony ", including with Reality Mobile Display BRAVIA Engine and recording video in High Definition (720p). This screen has been developed with multi-touch technology, is 3 inches and is scratch resistant

The two phones will hit the market to offer a complete multimedia entertainment experience. Xperia Xperia mini and mini pro enable access to more than 150,000 applications on the Android Market. In this regard, Sony Ericsson has improved user interface allowing up to 16 applications available on the home screen.

In these new terminals will include the new application 'Xperia inside Facebook, "which has just been presented for the Xperia family and allows an integration of social networks that the company believes are" unique. "

The Xperia mini pro offers a sliding keyboard optimized with advanced features. It also has 'Type & Send ", a feature that eliminates the need to open a specific application for each type of message and also con'SmartKeyboard' an intelligent keyboard that launches automatically the predictive messaging actions when the user slides the keyboard.

The Xperia also includes preloaded mini pro Office Suite and McAfee antivirus software, allowing consumers to manage their emails and documents securely and instantaneously anywhere.

The marketing manager of Sony Ericsson, Steve Walker, commented on the launch: "We wanted to provide consumers with wider choices in the Xperia line, based on the success of the original mini series."

Steve Walker stressed that the new phones "include a package of features that make them the perfect choice for consumers seeking the benefits of Android and Sony in a compact, attractively designed, easy to use."

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Xperia mini mini pro and high definition will be available globally in selected markets from the third quarter of this year.

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