Foto Ariel Aura Kasih

Foto Ariel Aura Kasih. "Similar to Aura Kasih Porn Scandal-Ariel". That's the main title of one of the local newspaper Capital City. Apparently, the internet, have circulated photographs of two men whose faces were dirty like Aura Kasih and Ariel. "After the scandal dragged the video nasty of a famous artist, is now circulating hot scene photos Love-Ariel-like aura. The photograph, like that cast a hot video like Ariel and Cut Luna-Dance-Ariel, also described the scene between husband and wife.

At least, still according to this newspaper, there are two photos that are not too good picture quality, which is already widespread. One photo shows a man like Nazriel Ilham aka Ariel, vocalist peterpan. Ariel, which is the best-selling band's frontman, is now the Indonesian public discourse. In the photograph, the Ariel looked to have sex with a woman with blond hair.

Meanwhile, one other photo, showing a woman who looked like Aura, being ravished by a man like Ariel. Presumably, these photos were taken from pieces of recording a video. Related news this oblique Ariel parties declined comment. While rumors are dismissed Aura stronghold.

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