Belfor Restoration Undercover

Belfor Restoration Undercover  - Sunday night, the CBS hit television show "Belfor Restoration Undercover Boss" featured the CEO of Belfor Restoration - Sheldon Yellen. I have watched "Undercover Boss" on most Sunday nights since it premiered after last years Superbowl game. While the format of "Undercover Boss" has become too predictable in recent weeks, Sunday's nights show featuring Sheldon Yellen showed a CEO who really seemed to put his money where his mouth was. Unless Yellen is the best conman of all time, he really seemed to care about the people who work for him at Belfor Restoration.

One thing that has changed about "Undercover Boss" since it's debut early last year has been the disappearance of bad employees at the companies featured on the show. I use to like to watch those bad employees and see their faces when they were forced to confront the leader of their company after their bad conduct was uncovered. More than likely, pressure from the companies not to show their problem employees lead to the disappearance of them in recent shows. Honestly, if the producers of "Undercover Boss" don't start varying their format soon - the public is going to lose interest in the show.

The thing that interested me the most about Belfor Restoration's CEO Sheldon Yellen was his life story. Instead, of being born with a silver spoon in his mouth - Mr. Yellen grew up in a very poor family, with the same financial problems that are faced by millions of other Americans. The emotions of CEO Yellen came through perfectly on television, especially when it turned out that some of the decisions he has made as Belfor's leader - ended up hurting employees rather than helping them. If you are not a regular viewer of "Undercover Boss", it might be worth your time to watch Sunday's episode on or when it is repeated in reruns this summer. (source :

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