TRON: Legacy in the Nokia N8

TRON: Legacy  in the Nokia N8 - Nokia announced its collaboration with Disney in welcoming the latest cinematic masterpiece 'TRON: Legacy'.  As part of the pre-release HD trailers that have been loaded in the Nokia N8, movie fans can download a variety of unique content related to TRON directly from Ovi Store.

"As part of this collaboration, Nokia Global also sponsored screening of the movie 'TRON: Legacy', held on December 11, yesterday at the El Captain Theatre in Los Angeles, and attended by a number of actors in the film," said Andrea Facchini, Head of Marketing at Nokia Indonesia.

TRON fans, an adventure film set in the back of the digital world through high-tech three-dimensional view, can personalize the Nokia N8 hers with wallpapers, Ringtones and pictures as well as download the application exclusive 'TRON: Legacy' Challenge.

Exclusive application in the form of a combination of various services such as Ovi Maps and Ovi Store to present an exciting challenge and involve the user to plot the film itself.

Through this application, users can determine the position of Flynn's Arcade via a special code on Ovi Maps and playing puzzles using images and video content downloaded from Ovi Store. This application has been available on Ovi Store from 25 November 2010.

By completing all the challenges in the application, users can also win the chance to watch the premiere of the movie 'TRON: Legacy' in Los Angeles, USA.

The fans also can take advantage of HD video capabilities of Nokia N8 to watch exclusive footage of preview and pieces behind the scenes, all in HD quality.

"Nokia N8 is the perfect device for exclusive content TRON. This is an incredible opportunity for us to find a complementary partnership that was perfect," said Don Gross, vice president of Global Promotions at Disney.

Regarding the film itself, 'TRON: Legacy' will start playing in Jakarta in December 17, 2010

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