Korea and Japan Sorrow For Park Yong-ha

Korea and Japan Sorrow For Park Yong-ha. Fans of the television series star mending 'Winter Sonata'. Park Yong-ha, sorry. Cries of emotion meets South Korea and Japan. Actors and singers from the State Ginseng was discovered hanged himself with a cable, the pole of his bed, on Wednesday (30 / 6) yesterday. This 33-year-old youth allegedly by a career stress and pressure from his family. For some reason, suicide sepertiya become a new trend in Asia.

What was very surprising Park in South Korea and Japan, its neighbors. He was a big star in the region. Japan's former first lady, Akie Abe, is one of the fans.

Hundreds of fans, the majority of women wearing black clothes, waiting in front of the hospital. They come to escort the coffin to the place of cremation Park. All crying, holding various attributes of the handsome actor's face image.

According to police, the Park a few times under stress lately because of struggling with personal and career management firm. Sadness and pressure increase when the father was convicted of the deadly stomach cancer.

To the police, the mother of Park who found her son in a state not bernyata said he was taking sleeping pills for insomnia a few times lately.

He still has a series of 12 concerts in Japan until next August. In the Land of Water, he was known through the series 'Winter Sonata'.

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